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Autotech is an instrumentation specialist in flow, level, pressure, temperature and analytical instruments:

System Integrator and Distributor of Schneider Electric

  • PLC: Modicon Quantum, 984, Premium, Micro, Nano, and relating software: Concept, Junior 7, Monitor Pro, and etc

  • Electrical devices:
    - Square D,
    - Telemecanique,
    - Merlin Gerin,
    contactors, relays, timers, MCB, switches, push buttons, indication lamps, terminal blocks, motor starters, variable speed control, sensors, Power Logic, and etc.

Representative Agent of K-TEK

  • K-TEK is a US based world-wide specialist manufacturer in level instruments:

    - Magnetic Level Transmitters and Gauges
    - Laser Level and Position Transmitters
    - Radar Level Transmitters
    - Level Switches, RF switches, vibrating forks, float / cage switches, thermal dispersion flow and level switches

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